Where do you get Luxembourg funds and real estate investment information?

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I use several sources and the Resources page on this site includes links to some of them. In this and subsequent posts, I’ll mention those that matter most to fund managers and to commercial property investors, developers and occupants. They are all important, but I will start close to home with some that are Luxembourg-based, beginning with some relevant to real estate funds:

  • Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) – Real Estate Investment Funds sub-committee

    Logo of the Association of the Luxembourg Fund IndustryL ALFI ALFI’s aim is to “lead industry efforts to make Luxembourg the most attractive international center for investment funds”, by offering “a platform for discussions about key industry issues, for reaching common standards, developing best practice recommendations and articulating with one voice feedback on initiatives of the European Commission and other international institutions.” RealCorp Luxembourg SA is a member of ALFI (Why Join ALFI).

    ALFI’s structure includes a Board of Directors to whom report a Strategic Advisory Board, a Regulation Advisory Board, individual Leaders who oversee vital issues (time-limited) and an Executive Committee which oversees around 90 Technical Committees, Forums, Sub-Committees and Working Groups in which 800 or so ALFI Members contribute time to making recommendations on fund industry issues.

    This ALFI Statistics page is useful for a quick overview of the Luxembourg fund industry and more detailed reports can be found on the publications and statements page.

  • Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) (commission for supervision of financial sector)

    The CSSF acts in the public interest. Its mission is to provide prudential supervision of financial institutions (UCIs, UCI Management Companies, Banks, Investment Firms, Other PFS, Information Systems and Support PFS, Pension Funds, SICARS and Securitisation Undertakings, and Securities Markets), and public oversight of the audit profession.

    The CSSF ensures that Luxembourg’s financial sector complies with relevant laws and regulations and is an excellent source of information on legal developments, such as Basel III and Solvency II, that affect all the above types of organisation. It publishes reports on the financial sector, as well as lists of all its supervised entities, such as banks and pension funds, and monthly, quarterly and annual statistics on many of them.

Both the above organisations have enormous websites offering a wealth of information, so the above links simply point you to some pages relevant to most readers of this blog. It is also interesting to read their history sections under their About pages, to get a sense of how the Luxembourg financial sector has developed over the years.

In a subsequent post, I’ll reveal some of my sources for information on Luxembourg Real Estate. If you have any links to add to these “resources” posts, please share them in a comment below and tell us why you think they’re valuable.

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