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I promised last week to point to some of my sources for information on commercial real estate. Naturally, a lot of my knowledge comes directly from the people, properties and transactions that are part of daily activity at RealCorp. However, as a RICS valuer, I also need to stay in touch with a Europe-wide range of news, opinions and legal developments that affect property and property transactions both within and outside of Luxembourg.

To start in Luxembourg:

  • RICS Belux is the Belgium and Luxembourg chapter of RICS Europe, itself a division of RICS worldwide, or the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Only highly qualified real estate professionals who have followed one of several RICS routes to membership are known as chartered surveyors and use the designations FRICS (for Fellow of RICS) or MRICS (for Member of RICS). RealCorp actively recruits RICS members and differentiates itself from its peers through the employment of Luxembourg-based RICS-qualified valuation surveyors.
  • LuxReal, the Real Estate Association of Luxembourg is a not-for-profit organisation formed in September 2009, which aims to build an interdisciplinary real estate “think-tank-network”, strengthen the industry and extend international cooperation, develop vocational training and discuss industry trends, and encourage professionalism, integrity and quality. It has yet to develop a track record, but is an interesting one to watch.
  • The Environment and Planning sub-site of the Ville de Luxembourg website is a useful source of information from the regulators and administrators of the city of Luxembourg.
  • STATEC, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a useful source of statistics. Although a government department, it aims to provide unbiased statistics, analyses and studies to represent a detailed, reliable and objective view of Luxembourg society.
  • Observatoire de l’habitat is a Luxembourg government initiative “to plan a coherent and effective policy for short, medium and long-term housing in particular, and habitat in general” . It collects data, analyses, and reports on prices, supply, and standards of homes.

And looking further afield:

The comprehensive portal Europe Real Estate at gives access to several organisations offering relevant European real estate news and information. The portal page is worth visiting for a short overview of each organisation, but as these introductions make their page rather long, requiring much scrolling, I find it useful to refer to a list of just the organisation names, sorted in alphabetical order, as follows:

And that’s enough homework for one day, don’t you think? To recommend any more sources, or to comment on the usefulness of any of the above, please drop a note in a Comment below this post.

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