RealCorp boosts its image

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After 12 successful years in business, RealCorp has refreshed its logo.

“The company has evolved in recent years,” says Michael Chidiac, Managing Director of RealCorp.

“Our success enabled us to attract skilled and experienced employees. We have enhanced our professional team, creating new dynamism in our approach and expanding our range of services. I wanted our image to reflect this dynamism.

With a team of 10 people and an office in the centre of Luxembourg City, the company already has a well-established reputation in the Grand Duchy.

“We wanted a modern design with well-defined shapes that express the strength and robustness of the real estate arena,” continued Mr Chidiac.
“As for the colour, deep purple arose from the merger of blue and red, our original colours. These lettering and colour choices have been decisive in the development of our new graphic identity,” he says.

Change from the old image: a new slogan supports the new logo

“Our old tagline, “When Value is Capital”, needed clarification, so that the market can quickly understand what we offer,” said Mr Chidiac.

“So we replaced that tagline with the words “Advise, Transact, Manage” next to the name of the company. Each word summarises a specific set of services,” says Michael Chidiac, explaining them as follows:

Our team advises on:

  • Rental and sale of land;
  • Real estate investment;
  • Development projects;
  • Space planning and area management;
  • Real estate appraisal.

RealCorp specializes in:

  • Real estate transactions such as purchases, sales and rentals of offices, retail space, warehouses and land.
  • Assisting various stakeholders in the steps of a commercial transaction and guiding them to maximize their investments.

We help our customers to manage various aspects of real estate, such as:

  • Assets or investment portfolios, with our expertise in Investment Management;
  • Refurbishment or construction of buildings, through our Project Management team.”


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