Promising business areas in Luxembourg – 3/7

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Gasperich: The City continues its expansion to the South

With an ideal location, close to the main accessways to downtown Luxembourg, to highways and within walking distance of the station, the neighborhood of Gasperich is divided into two main areas:

  • A residential area, located along the Route d’Esch and extending to Howald;
  • And an industrial area with offices, the Cloche d’Or, situated on either side of the main axis between Leudelange and Luxembourg. 

This location is a boon for many workers, who may either live near their workplace, or get there easily by road or rail.
A programmed expansion
Over the years, the business area of the Cloche d’Or has developed, welcoming local companies of great importance (P&T have their headquarters here), international companies ((PwC, ING and some European institutions) and service companies (dealers, hardware stores, retirement area of Auchan Drive).
Its ideal location and still usable property spaces created a synergy that gave life to the Ban Gasperich project. This project, initiated in 2011 by the City, began to take shape a few months ago with the beginning of the construction of the new headquarters of PwC.
But exploitation for commercial purposes is not the only reason to live in this development, considered one of the largest created in Luxembourg recently.
It was actually an increase in the Luxembourg economy, coupled with population growth, that drove the construction of Ban Gasperich. Thus, in addition to office space, the extra attractions of 120,000sqm of housing, a park with a stream of renaturalized water, a shopping centre and a resort with a hotel, a school, and a conference centre (a total of about 750,000sqm) will be created by 2017, the estimated completion date for the work.
Additional access to service a booming area
To ensure easy access, Ban Gasperich will be provided with a suitable increase in traffic roadways, but it is also dedicated to creating sustainable mobility (cycle paths, sidewalks, etc.) areas.
Public transport will also be fostered, since the bus will benefit from the newly constructed road infrastructure. The Central Station and the future Cessange Station will, in turn, make the area accessible by rail.
Everything is being done to ensure that businesses and individuals choose Gasperich as a destination for work or leisure.
Popular with large corporations
La Cloche d’Or is one of the zones valued by companies who want to set up in Luxembourg:

  • SGG moved into the Drosbach buildings, visible from the highway;
  • PwC, already present in the Cloche d’Or for many years, has built its new headquarters there;
  • BDO, an international fiduciary company located in the CBD until now, plans to build the BDO Air building in the Cloche d’Or. 

Other companies might follow, depending on the space available. As with all prized offers, it is not unlimited!

PwC-Ban de Gasperich
IMAGE PwC -Ban de Gasperich


UsersBNY Mellon


P & T



Total sqmApprox. 360,000 sqm
Type of areaOffices



Average Rent*/sqm22 to 28 euros
* Average price found

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Originally posted in French on September 12, 2013 by Tehdi-Edouard Babigeon
English version by Tia Azulay, Web Consultant for RealCorp Luxembourg

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