Promising business areas in Luxembourg – 7/7

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Luxembourg Periphery: Additional dynamic areas serving businesses

Luxembourg has numerous real estate and land resources for businesses and individuals. Although we have already covered some important ones, others are also worth seeing.

Located on the outskirts of Luxembourg City, the tertiary vocational sectors are also in a dynamic phase, working to improve or maintain their attractiveness against other economically attractive offers in Luxembourg.


Located near Gasperich, Leudelange has several industrial areas and continues to evolve constantly, attracting new businesses renowned in the field of banking and insurance, such as La Luxembourgeoise, Le Foyer or Raiffeisen.


Total sqmApprox.  65,000sqm
Type of areaOfficesIndustrial
Average Rent*/sqm18 to 22 euros
*Average price found

 Green One Leudelange

IMAGE: Green One – Leudelange



A few kilometers from the Belgian border, the industrial zone from Bourmicht to Bertrange has also won its bet on the future, with the Atrium Business Park. Over 50,000sqm of office space is home to prestigious names like Citibank, KPMG, AG2R, Baloise, Dexia, etc.


Total sqmApprox.  80,000sqm
Type of areaOfficesIndustrial
Average Rent*/sqm16 to 23.50 euros
*Average price found
Atrium Business Park Bertrange
IMAGE: Atrium Business Park Bertrange



Situated between Luxembourg City and the Belgian border, these two municipalities have large areas of activities that attract international companies looking for office space with easy access.

West Side Village, Capellen, became the first IT service center in Luxembourg, with the establishment of companies like Tata, Fujitsu, Dell, IBM, Siemens, etc.

Today, the zone is a genuine alternative to more central areas. It capitalises on its proximity and accessibility to the Belgian border, while offering innovative buildings (IVY Building, Solarwind, W22, etc.), without relying on other projects for years to come.


Total sqmApprox.  110,000sqm
Type of areaOfficesIndustrial
Average Rent*/sqm18 to 24 euros
* Average price found
WestSide Village - Capellen
IMAGE: WestSide VillageCapellen
 Originally posted in French on October 10, 2013 by Coralie Delferier
English version by Tia Azulay, Web Consultant for RealCorp Luxembourg.

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