West Side Village: Asset management by RealCorp

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RealCorp is proud to announce the asset management of the buildings D (Daphné), E (Eglantier) and F (Frêne) in West Side Village. The estate is conveniently located on the A6 Motorway junction 2 (Mamer Capellen), 20km from the Belgian border. The modern design offers a comfortable work environment and the location avoids any congestion during commuting.
West Side Village - DaphneThe three buildings provide flexible working areas with bright and luminous glazed façades. Self-generating electricity devices enable occupants to achieve energy savings.

Each office can be divided into units from 250sqm to 1200sqm. The top floor includes a protruding terrace covered with natural wood.

To welcome workers and visitors, the estate offers numerous underground and exterior car parks, and a catering service through a restaurant in the Eglantier building. Numerous retail stores are located within a 3km radius of the buildings.

Technical specifications

Buildings offer:

  • D 5 office floors (Rez Jardin,Rez Esplanade,+1,+2,+3)
  • E 4 office floors (Rez Esplanade,+1,+2,+3)
  • F 4 office floors (Rez Jardin,Rez Esplanade,+1,+2)

Facilities include:

  • 2 elevators per building
  • Common HVAC system for heating and air-conditioning
  • Electrical meter for common areas
  • 2 spare electrical meters for office units
  • Kitchenette
  • Lights
  • Suspended ceilings
  • IT Cabling
  • Access control
  • One water meter

Ceiling height is

  • 2,80m in office units on the “Rez Esplanade” level
  • 2,70m in office units on the higher floors

Deliveries to tenants are achieved via the central alley in the 1.5 sub-levels for vans and small trucks.

West Side Village - Eglantier
West Side Village - Frene
Availability from February 2014
D-3Parking20 bays
E-3/-2Parking80 bays
F+1B (rear of building)Offices350
FEsplanade levelOffices789
F-3/-2Parking74 bays

The buildings are located at rue De Pafenbruch in Capellen. This location avoids traffic congestion. There is easy access by car via these highways:

  • A6 to Belgium
  • A3 & A4 to France/Esch
  • A1 to Germany
Further information

For more information please contact:

Erwan Varron MRICS
+352 26 27 29 29 (Direct)

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