A New Look for MD Skin Solutions

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RealCorp Luxembourg is project manager for the BLVD Prince Henri office for MD Skin SolutionsRealCorp Luxembourg’s Project Management team is delighted to be managing the renovation and refurbishment of new offices in Boulevard Prince Henri for the fast-growing company, MD Skin Solutions, who will be moving from their current premises at 29 Avenue Monterey, L-2163 Luxembourg.

A business specialising in anti-ageing skin care products cannot afford to look “wrinkled”! Between March 10th and March 30th, RealCorp will be engaged in providing a new look and upgraded functionality for nearly 300sqm of office space for this dynamic company.

BLVD Prince Henri Floorplan by Melanie Ligier for MD Skin SolutionsThe works mainly involve creating partition walls, an entry office, office kitchen, storage and offices, as well as electrical cabling and new lighting. The budget is nearly 40k€.

The firm TSM has been chosen to realise the project, and final regulatory control will be performed by SECOLUX.

Design has been performed by Melanie LIGIER, architect, associated with RealCorp.

Post updated 16 June 2015

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