Developer Focus: BESIX RED Luxembourg

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BESIX RED Luxembourg Logo

RealCorp Luxembourg is privileged to work with many different developers who bring expertise and insight to the Luxembourg market. This month, we focus on BESIX RED Luxembourg. A subsidiary of the BESIX Group, BESIX RED (formerly SGT) SA is in charge of Real Estate Development. We are delighted to be assisting this highly experienced team with the marketing of their new project in Luxembourg: CityGate Findel/Airport.

The BESIX Group has existed for more than a century and has wide experience and interests in construction and development in many countries, including Egypt, Morocco, Dubai, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. In Betzdorf, Lux TP is working on the the structural work and the exterior finishing of the ATF (Antenna Field Technical Facility) building for satellite operator SES Global. The building has a gross area of around 26,000sqm.

BESIX RED Real Estate Development LogoIn Europe, BESIX RED has been operating for over 25 years, providing B2B property consulting and services such as building contracting and real estate agency, covering three main business areas, i.e. Office, Residential and Services (such as hotels and crèches). Initially operating from the Head Office is in Brussels, they subsequently developed two other offices, in Paris and in Luxembourg.

Their website explains that BESIX RED combines the strengths of architects, engineers and entrepreneurs “to serve the specific interests of clients with high-performance developments, maximising convenience of occupancy AND optimisation of environmental, economic and technical factors.”

In other words, they can draw on the synergies and technological expertise of the wider Group to take on challenging projects where outcomes must be both ecologically sustainable and profitable for investors seeking high returns. The resulting properties are well-located, contain state of the art technology and offer flexible occupancy options.

BESIX RED has an extensive track record of delivery of large office developments. During the financial crisis, when the commercial real estate market stagnated somewhat, the Belgian company adjusted focus to residential buildings and services, including converting empty office buildings for residential use. They produced desirable, quality architecture with comfortable, functional and attractive living spaces. In the Services arena, they have recently completed work on Motel One in Brussels.

CityGate Findel Airport Luxembourg - Artist's ImpressionWith the recovering confidence in the markets, BESIX RED is now again responding to demand by expanding their international presence and constructing state-of-the-art new office buildings, in line with its resolve to strengthen its international presence primarily by targeting the markets of professional real estate and office projects.

A separate, Luxembourg-based company, BESIX RED Luxembourg, was constituted more than 30 years ago under the name SGT. With the management buyout in Brussels, SGT became BESIX RED Luxembourg. Recent projects in Luxembourg include an assignment involving 20,000sqm of office space in front of Luxembourg City station (galerie Kons), in partnership with Immobel and CLI.

Logo of CityGate Findel/Airport  office building marketed by RealCorp Luxembourg

The new 13,000sqm CityGate office development in Findel/Airport is currently being marketed by RealCorp Luxembourg and CBRE. For more information on this project, see CityGate Luxembourg: Gateway to Success.


Click to access Activity-Report-2012.pdf

Click to access Activity-Report-2012-part-BESIXRED.pdf

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