Agency Head Now an RICS Chartered Surveyor

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Tehdi-Edouard Babigeon, Head of Letting and Sales, RealCorp LuxembourgCongratulations to Tehdi-Edouard Babigeon!
Our highly experienced Head of Letting and Sales has put another feather in his cap with his recent qualification as a Chartered Surveyor through the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

We asked Tehdi why he did it…

What benefits does the RICS qualification offer?

“The RICS status is a prestigious and internationally recognised professional qualification with commercial benefits:

  • People respect its assertion of high standards of excellence and integrity.
  • Governments, financial and commercial organisations recognise RICS as a trusted mark of excellence, giving it a high media profile.
  • It provides a global passport because RICS members anywhere in the world are known to follow its professional, ethical and practice standards. It therefore has broader impact than other qualifications which are only recognised in specific countries.
  • RICS CPD (Continuing Professional Development) will enable me to stay updated with the latest practice standards.
  • RICS has a worldwide network of over 118 000 members and an extensive programme of local, social and inter-professional off-line and on-line networking events.”
Logo of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)Why were you motivated to do it?

“After approximately 10 years’ experience in Real Estate services, RICS accreditation was a must-have because I wanted to:

  • belong to a recognized professional institution
  • increase my professional network
  • enhance my knowledge.”
Was it challenging to study for?

“Yes! Despite my existing experience, I found that staying abreast of day-to-day business, while doing the specific training for the RICS assessment, was challenging.

It felt like a long journey, as I started specific training and study eighteen months before my assessment, with Valuation courses at CEM, real estate courses at LSC, regular preparation with my counsellor, and then intensive preparation one month before the final assessment.”

How do you feel now that you’ve achieved it?

“Well, I am sort of proud to be considered now as an RICS-accredited surveyor! I do also feel that it confirms the level of my experience and skills, so it was definitely worth it.”

What difference do you think it will make in your work?

“I expect it will increase clients’ perception of my credibility. The number and quality of my professional contacts have already begun to increase. It will also contribute positively to my everyday business, because I now have continuous access to evolving general and specific guidance, best practice, and professional and ethical standards.”

In your industry, what type of person or job profile would benefit from doing it?

“RICS offers training to people involved in Land, Property and Construction, at every level of responsibility. I think all these disciplines could benefit. There are even niche RICS professional groups for specialist areas relating to property, from residential property through commercial property to fine arts and antiques.”

What other courses did you consider before choosing RICS?

“There wasn’t really any other choice, as RICS has the most international exposure for members.”

RICS at RealCorp Luxembourg

RealCorp’s management team now includes three Chartered Surveyors:

Update 5 December 2014: Our experienced Manager – Corporate Real Estate Services, Laurent Pedrini MRICS, has now also earned his MRICS qualification, bringing to four the number of Chartered Surveyors in our team!
Update 16 June 2015: Tehdi-Edouard Babigeon MRICS has now moved on to a new post.

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How can RealCorp’s Chartered Surveyors help you?

Contact Michael Chidiac MRICS re Valuation and Advisory or Search and Selection.
Contact Erwan Varron MRICS re Asset Management.
Contact Laurent Pedrini MRICS re Acquisitions and Disposals, Landlord Rep., Tenant Rep..

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