Belair House Luxembourg Exterior Transformation

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Side View of Belair House Luxembourg

On 8 May 2014 we announced the start of RealCorp Luxembourg’s new refurbishment project for Belair House Family Office at 2 boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg. RealCorp Luxembourg’s project management team had managed the internal works last year. This enabled the company to move in and start work in February 2014. They were up and running and could host an official inauguration on 31st March, but the exterior works were still outstanding.

Under the supervision of RealCorp’s Head of Project Management, Christophe Daudigny, the work on the façade of Belair House Luxembourg began on 12 May 2014. We anticipated that it would take two months.

Belair House Luxembourg workman with hard hat and company signAfter validation by the VDL (Luxembourg City) administration in June, and two visits by the Head of City Buildings Administration, we were authorised to proceed to Stage 2 of this renewal of the façade and other external works.

Christophe says, “We are on track to complete this project at the end of July.”

The work includes cleaning the facade, detailed renovation of natural stones, painting, and roof renewal.

The Before and After pictures of the exterior stonework (below) give you some idea of the challenges of the work required and the very pleasing results achieved.

Assisting with the project are specialist companies S.L.C.P. (Société Luxembourgeoise Chanzy-Pardoux) Sàrl and Tralux T-S-M (Travaux-Services-Maintenance), while E3C is providing security.

Belair House Luembourg Facade Before and AfterS.L.C.P. has teams specialized in the restoration of the built heritage of individuals, businesses and local authorities.

This is one of the few companies still using the traditional techniques of masonry, plaster, restoration framing, and stone carving, as well as decorative painting such as trompe l’oeil, and stucco plastering.

For nearly 10 years, Tralux Construction has offered a range of maintenance and services in addition to its work on historical projects. Today, Tralux T-S-M serves customers in industry, commerce, communities, telecommunications, energy and transportation.

We are delighted to be working with equally experienced partners.

The Belair House Luxembourg villa will be completely restored by the end of July, after a substantial but worthwhile investment from the owner Crown Properties.

Post updated 16 June 2015

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