Sustainability leads at DGNB Consense 2014

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Christophe Daudigny Head of Project Management RealCorp Luxembourg

Christophe Daudigny is all revved up! He is a certified DGNB Consultant, so of course he’s convinced about the energy and cost savings that sustainable buildings can achieve. But since he represented RealCorp at the Consense 2014 conference (1-2 July) organised by Messe Stuttgart and DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), he’s been unstoppable. He came back armed to the teeth with inspiring statistics, new technologies and great new partnerships to take us to the next level in creating a more human-friendly built environment.

DGNB Consense 2014 Christophe Daudigny nametagAs a DGNB Consultant, and as Head of Project Management for RealCorp Luxembourg, Christophe Daudigny has exposure to buildings new and old that are challenged by the new sustainability requirements of the 21st century.

In the first role, he advises clients which elements enable a new or renovation project to claim a high level of sustainability. He helps them to estimate the costs of compliance with regulated and voluntary standards, and also the all-important ROI. In the second role, he manages the providers, materials, technologies and processes that enable clients to achieve these goals.

Consense is a great event for keeping abreast of the latest tools and methods in sustainable construction via workshops and seminars.

It is also a good place to “Meet the Leaders of Sustainability”, which was the theme of Consense 2014, and to get up-to-date facts and figures on the sustainability agenda. DGNB is originally a German label and Christophe is inspired by the rapid progress Germany has made towards practising what it preaches.

DGNB Consense 2014 Investment Forum Agenda“Did you know,” he asked, smiling with satisfaction, “that, in Germany, sustainability initiatives are already having a huge impact?” He quoted the following statistics from Consense 2014:

  • There are 147 new purchasers of sustainable buildings, representing 2000 people, every two years.
  • 80% of new buildings are DGNB-certified this year (as opposed to 10% five years ago)
  • The average market value of a DGNB building in 2013 was 24% more than that of other buildings (based on 2013 transactions for similar areas and locations)
  • 73% of people working or housed in a DGNB Building in 2013 confirmed in a survey that they had experienced “a really important change in the quality of indoor life” in their new building. (For 97% of these, it was a positive change. Only 0,5% claimed a negative change.)
  • 50% of DGNB buildings have a high level of performance without any extra costs.”

Christophe is convinced that all European countries will soon follow suit and he intends to be leading the charge in Luxembourg!

He will also be working with several new partners for RealCorp Project Management: FURAL Decken, DGNB, Green Building Council, CSD Engineers, SBA, Elsässer Innovations and Hübner.

Christophe is passionate about this. He says, “RealCorp wants to be part of the move for top quality construction. Whenever possible, we want to participate in studies everywhere in Europe aimed at achieving quality buildings with high-level performance. We want to help our clients to avoid or to renovate old buildings with old standards, such as low air quality and high energy expenses, that are unfriendly to human work and life.

Consense 2014 Agenda with RealCorp Luxembourg company brochure“Our goal is to promote sustainable buildings which use modern intelligence to consume less energy and cost less, while creating more human environments.”

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Post updated 16 June 2015

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