West Side Village HVAC Refurbishment

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Thermic camera check at West Side VillageOn Saturday 13 September, after a final thermic camera check, RealCorp Project Management completed another successful delivery, This project, in West Side Village, Capellen, Luxembourg, involved the complete refurbishment of the HVAC cooling and heating system.

HVAC refurbishment sorely needed

Due to the poor installation of connecting elements in 2006, the existing system had been rusting and struggling to cope. As evidence of the decay emerged, it became clear that significant intervention to prevent water incidents would be required at some point.

On the advice of RealCorp’s Asset Management team, the owner wisely decided to take action now to prevent further deterioration.

West Side Village rusted cable

Many metres of cabling; many hours of work!

Working with contractor Martin Weber of Trier, and RealCorp’s Christophe Daudigny as Project Manager, we removed and replaced 7 670 metres of cabling.

This HVAC refurbishment was a challenging project, not only due to its scale, but also because West Side Village is an occupied site.

Most of the buildings are rented to other companies (Creatrust, Sopra, WSR, Nizi). These tenants needed to continue their daily business with as little disruption as possible.

This required 17 night operations during the 890 hours worked on site over four months (May to August 2014).

HVAC refurbishment benefits tenants and landlord

We are pleased to report that we achieved the refurbishment goal and also enabled these tenants to continue working. They will now enjoy a workplace free of unexpected water problems.

The owner is happy too, because a major factor affecting the current and future value of the asset has been addressed.

West Side Village cables in ceilings

Post updated 16 June 2015

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