LEASED: Saturne Technology in rue de l’Etang

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RealCorp Luxembourg — LEASED: Lease Saturne Technology moves into rue de l'Etang, Contern. RealCorp Luxembourg brokered this transaction

New industrial space for Saturne Technology

RealCorp Luxembourg recently signed a lease with Saturne Technologies for this industrial facility in rue de l’Etang, Contern. The property includes a warehouse of 5000 sqm and 450 sqm of office space, as well as 53 parking bays.

This logo shows the words SATURNE Technology in black on a white surface with the A of the first word replaces with a symbol of a red filled circle topped by a grey shape like a flame or a spear tip.

Saturne Technology enables a creative revolution

Walter Grzymlas founded Saturne Technology in 2001. Today it has 15 employees, all experts in metal additive manufacturing, laser welding, laser cutting and drilling, as well as laser hardfacing and cladding. One of nine players in Europe to have mastered the production of complex parts for high-tech industries, Saturne Technology is a first-class supplier. The company has clients in Research and Development, as well as Aviation, Food, Defence and Security, Art and Jewellery, Motor Vehicle, Medical, Nuclear and Aerospace industries.

Additive manufacturing

RealCorp Luxembourg brokered this lease of an industrial warehouse in Contern. The image shows a white corrugated wall of the warehouse with a small window in the foreground and several cars parked in demarcated parking bays on tarmac alongside the wall. The sky is blue with some grey clouds and there is a view of grass in the distance to the right of the tarmac.Additive manufacturing, also called selective laser melting (SLM) or metal powder sintering, is a manufacturing process involving adding successive layers of metallic powder. By melting these layers, one obtains a 3D impression of the object. Therefore, one can create a very complex part directly from its 3D digital representation. This reduces cost and production times. It also increases quality compared to industrial manufacturing. No more long delays to obtaining prototypes! Saturne Technology’s powders are vacuum-packed, protected against corrosion and insulated from each other. They manufacture from steel, aluminium, nickel-chrome or titanium base powder.

Laser welding

This welding technique enables assembly of metal parts using a YAG (yttrium aluminium garnet) laser. The YAG crystal is an amplifier medium that creates a laser beam capable of working on solid materials. There are many applications, both in the medical field and in industry. Saturne Technology’s YAG laser welding machines make precision welding on complex 2D or 3D shapes of high quality and with great precision possible. The parts thus obtained have no excess thickness and are tested to meet predefined specifications.

Cutting, drilling and marking by laser

A laser can concentrate on a very small surface. Saturne Technology’s specialised machines make laser cuts on different materials with complex contours that require precise, fast and resistance-free processing. Parts as little as 3 mm thick can be machined without deformation. Unlike other technologies, Saturne Technology’s laser cutting machines can also produce various shapes. As a result, they adapt to both individual laser machining and serial laser machining. The laser machines can drill materials such as metal, aluminium, steel, sheet metal, plastic, leather, ceramics and many others. They can also mark (i.e. number) materials with a laser beam. Laser marking is more resistant, more accurate and faster than traditional marking.

A view of the parking area outside the warehouse. There is a yellow fire hydrant in the foreground. The white wall of the warehouse lies to the right of the tarmac on which several cars are parked. There is grass to the left and trees in the distance, under a cloudy sky with a sliver of blue over the top of the warehouse.

Laser Hardfacing

Laser cladding enables the deposit of different alloys on the surface of mechanical or casting parts. These fused layers improve the resistance of parts against abrasion, friction, pressure, shock, corrosion or simply for aesthetic reasons.

Thus they increase the life of the parts and in turn their profitability. A head coaxial to the laser beam enables fine or large deposits, with a perfect connection to the base material and without stress.

Find out more from fascinating videos on the Saturne Technology website, or contact them via this contact form.


We are pleased to have represented another owner in Contern (in Luxembourgish: Conter). Contern is the capital of the commune (municipality) with the same name located in the south of the canton of Luxembourg, east of Luxembourg City. Situated in green, hilly countryside, the town of Contern enjoys the calm rhythm of nature, as do the commune’s villages Moutfort, Medingen and Oetrange.

The first written mention of “Contern” available to us dates from 879, but it is a word of Celtic origin which suggests a pre-Roman past. Archaeologists have found some Celtic remains, but there are more from the Roman era. These include a Roman temple and several villas, as well as an aqueduct through the current centre of the village. In the Middle Ages, Contern was influenced by chivalry and Christianity. By the end of the 13th century, it was a parish with a castle. Of that time, only the church now remains. It gradually lost power and prosperity until, by 1945, it was a simple peasant community.

Exterior of the building showing the sign Musekhaus in brown lettering on a white background across the first window.Since then, the town and the commune have grown again and are now home to many industries and businesses. The municipality’s nearly 4000 inhabitants also enjoy a well-renowned cultural life. They will host an open day at the Musekhaus on 28th April and the 26th International Comic Strip Festival on the 20th and 21st of July 2019.

Would Contern suit you?

Contact RealCorp Luxembourg for more information about properties in Contern on (+352) 26 27 29. Alternatively, use our new tool My Property Requirements to calculate and describe your real estate needs so we can immediately start searching on your behalf.

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