New Restaurant and Sandwich Bar at IKAROS 2.0

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RealCorp is delighted to be marketing offices in IKAROS 2.0 where a new tenant, the Brasserie CHEZ L’ANCIEN, is already about to open its doors. For information about opportunities in this project, see our Property Details where you can request a Prospectus.

SQUARE METER is really happy to welcome the first tenants who have chosen the office complex IKAROS 2.0 to run their businesses successfully.

Chez L’Ancien is the new restaurant on the block

The Brasserie CHEZ L’ANCIEN will take over the restaurant area with a size of 1,000 m². The concept of CHEZ l’ANCIEN is committed to deliver a lunch experience of freshly cooked appetizing food with a hybrid service. Visitors will have the choice between a self-served starter and a daily menu served rapidly at the best market price.

And a Sandwich Bar too!

The restaurant will open on the 16th of September 2019 and will be accessible to the tenants of IKAROS 2.0 as well as to external visitors. To round off the offer, CHEZ L’ANCIEN will also open a sandwich bar and will provide customers with tasteful coffee, sandwiches, salads and other take-away formulas throughout the day. The opening of the sandwich bar is planned at the end of 2019. Location: IKAROS 2.0 – 562, rue de Neudorf, L-2220 Luxembourg

Promotional image in salmon pink and brown showing the office complex IKAROS 2.0 where restaurant CHEZ L'ANCIEN will be opening on 16 September 2019.

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