LEASED: Challenge the status quo with NREP

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RealCorp Luxembourg — LEASED: Lease Office and Retail — NREP aims to challenge the status quo from 26 rue Philippe II, Luxembourg City: Ville Haute

26 rue Philippe II, Luxembourg City: Ville Haute – CBD

26 rue Philippe II is one of the most central and choicest locations money can rent in Luxembourg.

This property, under local private ownership, nestles between the Dior, Cartier and Chanel boutiques. It overlooks a fantastic location at the very heart of the city. It has a stunning view of the Dior office building opposite,  one of the area’s most remarkable pieces of architecture.

Built at the turn of the 20th century, the building enjoys a typical Art deco style. It comprises single-tenant floors of which the retail premises previously housed jewellers, while the upper floors provided offices and residential units.

New Occupant: NREP aims to challenge the status quo

From this inspiring setting, new occupant NREP will continue their mission to be the best at what they do and “challenge the status quo” by making a positive difference while doing so.

NREP Management Company sàrl is a Nordic integrated real estate product innovator, developer, investor and operator. This company was founded in 2005, and quickly developed a specialisation in Nordic real estate. With +275 real estate investments and €4bn assets under management, they now have offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Luxembourg.

This ambitious, optimistic firm pursues noble goals in the field of real estate, such as looking to maintain and improve sustainability in buildings. They also aim to challenge the status quo by striving for a collaborative and mutually supportive approach of “sharing values and valuing differences”. As a result, they have developed a strong multidisciplinary team of +180 specialists. Read more about them on the NREP website.

Why This Move?

NREP needed to move to this excellent location because the Luxembourg team were quickly outgrowing their previous occupancy. Always looking for new talent, they invite contact from anyone with appropriate expertise who would like to join their team. So the expanding company wanted to relocate into a larger but still centrally located office property, preferably already fitted out.

Expansion is a common motive for finding new premises. Companies want to retain access to all the advantages of a Luxembourg City location, but must make room for success!

Transaction Info

We at RealCorp are of course happy to help businesses achieve their aims and fulfil their growth strategies. In this instance, our swift follow-up system enabled us to re-lease the premises immediately after the previous tenant (also sourced by RealCorp) vacated them.

Important Dates

The new tenancy takes effect in January 2020. We wish NREP both increased comfort and ongoing success as they continue to challenge the status quo from their new premises.

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