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Newsletter header image showing on the left in white on a purple background the RealCorp logo including the words Advise, Transact, Manage, and on the right an artistic photo of the white columns of the Luxembourg Philharmonic building against a blue sky, behind the words Featured Properties in white. This newsletter includes Properties in Bourmicht and other Luxembourg localities.

It’s time to work smarter


  • Greeting from CEO Michael Chidiac
  • New My Property Requirements tool
  • Other Property Search options
  • Latest Featured Properties

From RealCorp’s CEO

Dear Friends and Clients,

I trust that this newsletter finds you and your family healthy and safe as you follow government and WHO guidelines.

To protect our employees and our clients, and to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections, we are all working from home.

Nevertheless, we remain committed to finding, evaluating and advising on property opportunities, and enabling you to make wise real estate decisions.

We are all available via phone, email or video call. If you’re already in conversation with any of us, please continue as usual.

For first-time contact, call +352 26 27 29, email or use our website contact form to be routed to the most appropriate person to help you.

We are also continuing to improve our online tools, to empower you with real estate knowledge and choices.

This newsletter introduces our new My Property Requirements tool. It also lists a selection of Featured Properties worthy of your attention.

As the WHO now says, “physical distancing” does not have to mean “social distancing”. So do call us. As always, we’re ready to talk property.


Michael Chidiac – CEO

My Property Requirements

Looking for new premises? Contacting lots of agencies? To save time, wouldn’t it be great to start each call with a crystal-clear description of your needs? Then let your agent find your property while you get back to the business that needs your daily attention.

Our new My Property Requirements tool enables you to do just that! It includes a sophisticated space-and-cost calculator, as well as many options for telling us what is important to you.

Read more about it on our blog… or just click [ASK US TO SEARCH] on any Newsletter to use My Property Requirements to tell us exactly what you need.

Available in English and French, it offers you two options:

  • Quick Research: Five questions for a rapid selection, for an idea of the market.
  • Advanced Research: More precise questions, for fine-tuned results.


More smart search options

  • Click [REFINE YOUR PROFILE] on this newsletter to customise the Featured Properties section. You can choose to see only the Property Types (Office, Retail, Industrial, etc.) and Transaction Types (Lease, Sale, Investment) that interest you. You can also use this form to update your contact details and preferences. The next Newsletter you receive will reflect these changes.
  • Click [DO YOUR OWN SEARCH] to use the Property Search function on RealCorp’s website to search by Property Type, Transaction Type, Area (sqm) and/or Location.
  • The Search by Map option on our website is particularly useful If you don’t know Luxembourg locations very well. This enables you to select a general area and then expand or contract the search area around that point.

Featured Properties
RealCorp Luxembourg invites you to view a selection of our commercial real estate listings in Bourmicht and other Luxembourg localities.

Click any listing for more details
and to request a Prospectus.

Four ways to see more of our latest Featured Properties in Bourmicht and other Luxembourg localities:

  • Visit our Featured Properties page to view the latest list.
  • Follow our Blog via email or RSS to be notified of all new Blog Posts.
  • Use the form below to sign up to our Newsletter. An email will ask you to confirm.
  • Click [REFINE YOUR PROFILE] on a Newsletter to select Property and Transaction Types.

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    Not yet seen what you want in Bourmicht in our Featured Properties Newsletter?
    Use My Property Requirements to ask us to do a specialised search for you.

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