IKAROS 2.0, Luxembourg: Major New Tenants

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This view of IKAROS 2.0 Luxembourg shows a a complex of linked rectangular buildings in concrete and glass ranging from two to stories in the front to five at the back. In the foreground is a linked, round two-story building with a similar facade. A landscaped lawn with manicured bushes lies in front of the round building. Across the bottom of the image a banner of apple green and plum colours displays the white text, "LEASED - LEASE Office - rue de Neudorf Luxembourg City: Neudorf (Kalschesbruck) Transaction brokered by RealCorp"

IKAROS 2.0 in Luxembourg comes into its own

With the introduction of three significant new tenants by RealCorp Luxembourg, the second incarnation of IKAROS 2.0, Luxembourg has truly begun! We are delighted that, due to our efforts, most of the space in this highly flexible office complex is now taken.

A quick recap: What is IKAROS 2.0 in Luxembourg?

This attractive complex in Kalchesbréck, Luxembourg, originally built between 2002-2005, offers office space to companies of all sizes. Additionally, it now provides a generous retail area to serve them.

The two buildings Artemis and Apollo comprise approximately 25,000 m² of office space, 5,000 m² of archives and 800 interior parking spaces. There are five upper and four basement floors, with three bright entrances on rue de Neudorf. Each entrance has a different address.

Under the office spaces, a staircase links the street levels of Artemis and Apollo. Here, shops and services are already serving tenants and visitors. This mini-galleria offers a restaurant, a sandwich shop with coffee bar and a childcare facility. It also aims to host a concierge service, a fitness centre, a cash-dispenser, a hairdresser, etc.

See tech specs, floor plans and location on our dedicated IKAROS 2.0 page. For more details, request a Prospectus.

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IKAROS 2.0 in Luxembourg is an asset management marvel

The Asset Manager SQUARE METER skilfully managed and optimised IKAROS 2.0. Read about the original relaunch vision in this interview with Véronique Koch and Laurent Cooreman.

They transformed a well-built, solid and spacious complex into a 21st-century technically-equipped premises of the highest standards. The renovated Apollo and Artemis buildings are flexible, efficient and comfortable, with cooled ceilings, raised floors, ventilation and external blinds. Steps are underway to obtain a BREEAM certification.

Alongside this restructuring, SQUARE METER also developed an appropriate marketing strategy to position and reintroduce the complex to the market. They mandated three real estate agencies, RealCorp Luxembourg, Inowai and JLL, to find new tenants.

RealCorp Luxembourg provides three new tenants

And RealCorp delivered! Over the past year, RealCorp Luxembourg has facilitated the entry of three new occupants to give life to the buildings, including the one major tenant, the State of Luxembourg.

An upward shot of the top floor of one of the IKAROS 2.0 Luxembourg buildings. The top corner points into a high blue sky. Alongside it is the Luxembourg flag, hanging vertically from a tall flagpole.Luxembourg State

RealCorp helped the State of Luxembourg to select and agree approximately 17,000 m² of office space across the two buildings Artemis and Apollo. 

For the State, IKAROS 2.0 in Luxembourg is ideal in terms of space, facilities, and access to Luxembourg City as well as the airport. The complex’s high quality and flexibility, its large number of parking spaces and the different street-level shops and services contributed to the decision for this site.

The Nascht Group

RealCorp also facilitated the choice of IKAROS 2.0 for the Nascht Group’s 12th childcare facility in Luxembourg. The Nascht Group cares for children from 2 months to 12 years old in childcare and daycare centres. Active in Luxembourg since 2012, its vision of pedagogy and professional supervision prioritises the well-being of each child.

At the rear of the Apollo building, the selected area of 550 m² is ideal for a new childcare centre for 70 children. The well-equipped space is quiet and gives direct access to a large private playground. It is expected to open during 2020.

Reviva Capital

View over green manicured garden to the rounded front wing of the Apollo building in IKAROS 2.0 LuxembourgReviva Capital has been in Luxembourg since 2010 and formerly rented spaces in a nearby building. They wanted to stay in the area, so RealCorp suggested that IKAROS 2.0 would be a very convenient move. Accordingly, in December 2019, Reviva Capital moved into 450 m² of office space on the ground floor of the Apollo building in IKAROS 2.0 in Luxembourg. This atypical round space is characterful and impressive, with a free height exceeding 3.30 m.

Reviva Capital specialises in debt recovery and workout services for banks, specialised investment firms, liquidators and professional investors. The firm  is regulated as a Luxembourg financial sector professional by the Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Authority.

In good company: other tenants in IKAROS 2.0, Luxembourg

Nordea Investment Funds S.A., part of the Nordea Group, occupies approximately 4,000 m² in two floors in the Artemis building. Interestingly, it was RealCorp Luxembourg who introduced Nordea to the original IKAROS as long ago as 2004! At that time, RealCorp had a Tenant Rep mandate and negotiated a space for Nordea of 10,500 m².

Staff, clients and guests of the above tenants, as well as external visitors, will enjoy the Brasserie Chez l’Ancien. This international  food service group has been active in Luxembourg since 2005. In September 2019, Chez l’Ancien took over a 1,000 m² restaurant area in Artemis. They provide delicious freshly cooked lunches.

Chez l’Ancien is also due to open a sandwich bar in 2020. Their approximately 300 sqm facility on the ground floor of Apollo will provide customers with coffee, sandwiches, salads and other take-aways throughout the day.

Collaboration and negotiation produce great results

These successful results are the culmination of more than a year of skilful, complex and delicate collaboration between RealCorp Luxembourg and SQUARE METER.

The very different potential tenants each had unique needs and concerns that we had to address. By paying attention to the needs of all parties, we established productive working relationships to develop appropriate solutions for each.

We are delighted with the outcome: all parties are satisfied. The new tenants are looking forward to increased productivity and efficiency in comfortable new spaces. 

IKAROS 2.0 Close-up view of portion of facade from rue Neudorf. Three flagpoles with a European flag, a white flag and a French flag stand in front of the central block of the building.

Reducing availability in IKAROS 2.0 in Luxembourg: Don’t miss out!

Only 945 m² of office space and 284 m² of retail space are still available.
If you would like to join the above tenants in IKAROS 2.0, don’t delay! Contact us today.

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