Sonelec will thrive in Capellen

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RealCorp Luxembourg — LEASED: Lease Industrial — Rue Pafebruch, CapellenTransaction brokered by

Reliable Capellen property ideal for Sonelec

This solid industrial property nestles in the fast-growing Parc d’Activités de Capellen close to the Belgian border. It can take advantage of the A6 motorway or European route E25 from Luxembourg to Brussels. Alternatively, there are frequent bus services to Luxembourg and to various locations to the west.

Originally built to accommodate a wine wholesaler, the spacious site thereafter hosted the ALD Automotive centre. Its concrete structure offers a storage facility with office spaces. Most importantly, it also has a large external area which is fenced and secured and extensive on-site car parking.

The Parc d’Activités has contributed greatly to Capellen’s development, with NSPA as the largest employer. However, many smaller companies also thrive in financial and technology services, pharmaceuticals, engineering, food and insurance. This is, therefore, an ideal environment for an expanding firm such as Sonelec.

New occupant: Sonelec SARL

Created in 2015,  Sonelec SARL is an Electricity Trading Company. A wholesaler, they specialise in the purchase and sale of electrical equipment in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

Sonelec’s goal is to save customers time and money by facilitating projects and purchases. Because they handle everything from daily purchasing to stock management, it is not enough just to source and supply correct components. They must also handle sales and delivery safely, quickly and efficiently.

Why this move for Sonelec?

The company is expanding  and this growth in activity made their previous location in Bertrange no longer convenient. It suffered from a lack of space and therefore from slow, tedious access for truck deliveries.

Inevitably, Sonelec had to relieve this pressure. Thus, the hunt was on for a better location, as well as for a more accessible space to welcome clients and handle deliveries with maximum efficiency.

If you don’t see an opportunity… create one!

This kind of property is rare on the market, so RealCorp had to think creatively to find something suitable for Sonelec.

We advised the owner that splitting the site could accommodate two distinct tenants such that each enjoys their own access. Further, we pointed out that one can often let smaller units more easily.

As a result of this presentation, Sonelec happily signed a long-term lease in July 2020. With their taking occupation in September 2020, the site is now 100% let.

Small offices available to sub-let

If you want to lease small office units, we can do it on site. Please, contact us!

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