Your Property Search and the Holidays

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Glittery orange-red baubles on a Christmas tree branch illustrate RealCorp's wishes for a warm Christmas at home even as you pursue your property search.

To all our clients and friends, thank you for your support through 2020. During this tough year, we’ve appreciated the commitment of RealCorp’s staff and also of our entire Luxembourg business community. We’ll keep supporting your property search during the holidays.

Despite the restrictions, we’ve still been able to find and promote properties, to help clients with their property search and to close transactions to the satisfaction of owners, buyers, and tenants. We’ve also got several new listings or reinvigorIn a snowy low-walled garden, a small round table and four French ironwork chairs each carry a perfectly round thick "slice" of snow. Undisturbed, they are placeholders for the human presence that will result from your property search.ated offers ready to market in 2021.

RealCorp’s holiday schedule

So, after a busy Q4, we’re taking a well-earned break to celebrate the festive season with our families.

  • Today, 24 December, is our last working day this year. We’ll be open 08:30 – 12:00.
    Call us on +352 26 27 29.
  • From January 4th, we’ll be open as usual:
    Monday to Friday, 08:30 – 18:00.
Still facilitating your property search

In the meShiny red star as Christmas tree ornament amid deep green pine branches - to inspire your property search.antime, you can use our website tools for your property search or to estimate your 2021 property needs and costs. Request our response via any of these channels and we’ll reply in the first working week of January:

You can also browse our latest Featured Properties for a selection of our most interesting properties in December:

This detailed Newsletter sign-up form enables you to choose to receive all our Featured Properties or only a targeted selection based on the Property Types and Transaction Types that interest you:

Season’s Greetings and warm wishes

We wish you a restful and healing holiday.

We share your disappointment at the cancellation of traditional community celebrations such as the Winterlights Festival in Place Guillaume. At least our beautiful city will still have Christmas lights and our digital world provides us with the pleasure of sharing images from Christmases past. So we can enjoy this video by Ace Shooting:

May we all create equally wonderful memories around the warm hearths of our homes, wherever they may be. And may we all return stronger and with a renewed vision for a better world in 2021!

RealCorp Luxembourg Team

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