Numen leases Lux Tech Center Offices

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Numen Europe has leased offices on the top floor of this building, the Lux Tech Center in Rue Edmond Reuter, Contern

Lux Tech Center in Contern

The Lux Tech Center Reception area is modern and brightRealCorp Luxembourg is delighted to have facilitated the arrival of Numen in Contern. This IT & Document Services company fits quite naturally into the continuity of the development of this area. Many technology companies have chosen Contern due to its strategic location for employees coming from four corners of the country. It also suits those using public transport via the new Contern station.

The new facilities at Lux Tech Center include brightly-coloured conference rooms, as well as shower and bathroom facilities, and a bar and a restaurant to accommodate clients in all situations at all times. The very modern facilities also boast safe disposal containers designed by Luxembourg graffiti artist Sumo, adding another touch of colour. Such decisions were based on the desire to lift clients’ mood in difficult situations and make them feel more at home.

These bright and renovated areas are available as open space. The ideal layout flexibility thus adapts to the organisation working in open space while retaining the possibility of furnishing. Further, a kitchen, hairdresser, and excellent parking ratio also offer comfort to the occupants.

New Occupant: Numen Europe SARL

Numen is a very well established private French IT services group. Created in 1968, Numen has expanded internationally through major European projects. The Group now consists of eight companies and has a presence in many cities in France, as well as in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Madagascar. Overall, more than 900 employees work for the Group including about 40 based in Luxembourg and 400 outside Europe. Project teams also work at customers’ premises and take responsibility for their technological assets.

Numen specialises in optimisation projects for back offices, customer relations, document management, and the enhancement of cultural heritage and sensitive content. It is unique in Europe due to synergies between its complementary activities of solutions development, hosting, and inbound and outbound processing.

Born out of the customisation of cheque books for banks, the Numen Group has embedded in its DNA the profession of trusted operator for the digital processing of sensitive documents. Already a leading player in traditional businesses such as output management, payment vouchers, loyalty and gift cards, and heritage digitisation, it has ambitious goals for new businesses such as Case Management, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

A stable and sustainable family shareholding enables the development of long-term strategies. Read more about this inspiring Group in English or French on the Numen website.

Why Move to Lux Tech Center?

Lux Tech Center light and spacious top-floor officeNumen Europe had been based at 15 Rue des Scillas in the commune of Howald for some twenty-five years. Due to the redevelopment of the area, notably the extension of the railway station and the ring roads, their building will disappear, forcing them to relocate. They sought an area adapted to their activity while respecting strict budget and location criteria.

RealCorp carried out a complete market analysis, proposing several typical layouts in different properties. The Lux Tech Center building in Contern quickly proved the most appropriate solution for almost all of Numen Europe’s requirements.

Accordingly, Numen signed in September 2020. They are now operating comfortably out of their new offices in an area of 720 m2 on the second floor of the Lux Tech Center. We wish them great success in their new home.

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