Strength in Adaptation

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Ville Haute – CBD

Newsletter header image showing on the left in white on a purple background the RealCorp logo including the words Advise, Transact, Manage, and on the right an artistic photo of the white columns of the Luxembourg Philharmonic building against a blue sky, behind the words Featured Properties in white. This newsletter includes Properties in Ville Haute - CBD and other Luxembourg localities.

Strength in adaptation

How are you doing? This genial enquiry is now a question loaded as never before. But when we greet our clients, we ask it with genuine care, to know how we may help.

Humans adapt because we are flexible, and this is RealCorp’s strength too. 2020 was hard, but we survived. We see 2021 before us not yet determined, full of possibility.

How we work now

Read on to see how we’ve adapted to ensure the comfort and confidence of clients and to enable our experienced team to continue offering excellent service despite Covid-19.

In-person, safely distanced

There is always someone in the office during working hours (08:30-18:00), but fewer people are present simultaneously. Teams alternate weekly between working from home and working from the office.

Of course, anyone may come to the office for paperwork or meetings if necessary.

Staff still meet clients individually and can even host group meetings in our board room for a limited number of people.


  • Staff wear masks at all times.
  • Extra masks and gloves are available if needed for office meetings and property viewings.
  • We have hand sanitiser in the office and in negotiators’ cars.

Remote can still be face-to-face

Call us on +352 26 27 29. Telephone calls are routed to the most appropriate person, either in the office or at home. If that person is busy, the call will automatically pass to someone else who can help. If you would like a face-to-face call, or find screen-sharing useful, we can host video calls via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.

Can I still view properties?

Yes, we still arrange viewings, subject to owners’ and tenants’ sanitary requirements. Our negotiators can often meet you at the premises. Alternatively, a negotiator may take one person in their car, as long as you both wear masks.

When an on-site viewing is not suitable, our comprehensive Prospectus with photographs describes in detail each building or space. Negotiators know these properties well and can answer questions or source more information.

When you’d rather stay safe at home

Use our Property Search or our space-and-cost budget tool, My Property Requirements (also in French) to assess your short-term, medium-term and long-term needs. You can also arrange a video call with our staff to guide you through these online tools.

Today, why not consider our current selection of Featured Properties below?

Enjoy! If none of these suit you, give us a call anyway – we have many more.

Featured Properties
RealCorp Luxembourg invites you to view a selection of our commercial real estate listings in Ville Haute – CBD and other Luxembourg localities.

Click any listing for more details
and to request a Prospectus.

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