Recent Transactions

Transactions Brokered by RealCorp Luxembourg

  • Q4 2021: Vistra Luxembourg
    4,630m² offices leased in Quatuor, Lux City: Gasperich
  • Q4 2021: Verger 5
    183m² offices sold in 16 Rue Michel Rodange, Lux City: Bourbon
  • Q4 2021: Lapithus Managements SARL
    776m² offices leased in City Link, Lux City: Ville Haute - CBD

  • Q3 2021: Atos Luxembourg PSF SA
    512m² offices leased in ALTITUDE, Leudelange
  • Q3 2021: BSH Electromenagers
    199m² retail leased in 40 Rue du Curé, Lux City: Ville Haute - CBD
  • Q3 2021: Options Luxembourg
    2,500m² industrial leased in 140 Rue du Cimetière, Strassen
  • Q2 2021: MBL LUX SARL
    188m² retail sold in Résidence Laurier, Lux City: Gasperich
  • Q2 2021: Greentube Luxembourg S.Á R.L.
    505m² industrial and 344m² offices leased in PARCLUXITE, Kockelscheuer
  • Q2 2021: AC BIM SA
    3,538m² offices and 214m² industrial sold in 177 RUE DE LUXEMBOURG, Bertrange: Bourmicht
  • Q3 2020: JTC Signes SARL
    1,915m² offices leased in Bijou, Lux City: Gasperich

Other Transactions: Brokered or Direct-by-Principals

  • Q3 2020: Luxembourg School Of Business
    1,665m² offices leased in Château de Septfontaines, Belvaux: Other
  • Q3 2020: Etat du GDL
    5,072m² offices leased in Darwin II, Lux City: Gasperich
  • Q3 2020: Etat du GDL
    2,720m² offices leased in Edison, Strassen
  • Q2 2020: Northern Trust
    758m² offices leased in ALTITUDE, Leudelange
  • Q2 2020: Regus Luxembourg
    4,500m² offices leased in Zenith Royal, Lux City: Ville Haute - CBD
  • Q1 2020: ParFi Group
    2,592m² offices leased in W4, Leudelange
  • Q1 2020: Arendt & Medernach SA
    8,000m² offices sold in Arendt 9, Lux City: Hamm
  • Q1 2020: Unknown (not communicated)
    1,608m² industrial leased in Site Industriel SA, Hautcharage
  • Q4 2019: Ferrero Trading Lux SA
    29,500m² offices leased in Casa Ferrero, Senningerberg: Airport
  • Q4 2019: Parlement
    170,000m² offices leased in KAD 2, Lux City: Kirchberg
  • Q4 2019: Silver Holdings
    10,413m² offices leased in ROYAL-HAMILIUS, Lux City: Ville Haute - CBD