IKAROS 2.0 Luxembourg

View from rue Neudorf of the IKAROS 2.0 Office Complex which is currently being renovated by asset managers SQUARE METER

RealCorp is pleased to offer you office and retail spaces in the well-located IKAROS 2.0 complex.

The asset management company SQUARE METER has developed a new concept for this site to make it very attractive for future tenants.

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IKAROS 2.0: Offices in Artemis and Apollo

A view across the front garden towards the grey concrete and blue glass windows of one entrance to IKAROS 2.0

The office complex IKAROS 2.0 lies in Luxembourg-Kalchesbréck, east of Luxembourg City. As such, it offers good access to the airport, and to the Kirchberg.

Built between 2002 and 2005, it was known as IKAROS Business Centre until 2018. With the implementation of the new concept, the re-imagined IKAROS 2.0 fully deserves its new name.

The complex consists of two buildings, Artemis and Apollo, comprising five upper and four basement floors. Together they provide approximately 25,000 m² of office space, 5,000 m² of archives and 800 interior parking spaces.

IKAROS 2.0: Three Entrances; Three Addresses

The street levels of the buildings will be connected and accommodate offices and facilities such as a restaurant, a sandwich bar, a health-and-fitness centre and a childcare centre.

There are three entrances from rue de Neudorf, two in the Apollo building and one in the Artemis. While the two buildings will be linked and accessible one from the other, IKAROS 2.0 will still keep three distinct addresses.

IKAROS 2.0 Facade from rue Neudorf

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Availability in IKAROS 2.0

The total available office space is 17,312.69 m² divisible from 205.06 m². There is an exceptional parking ratio of 1/32 m².

Artemis Building

FloorTypeArea m²
GFParking64 bays
-3Parking67 bays
-4Parking70 bays
Total Offices5,667.69
Total Archives2,133.11
Total Parking201 bays

Apollo Building

FloorTypeArea m²
GFParking3 exterior
-1Parking79 bays
-2Parking111 bays
-3Parking111 bays
-4Parking115 bays
Total Offices11,645
Total Retail826.37
Total Archives1,910.28
Total Parking419 bays

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Floor Plans

Technical Specifications and Facilities

  • Physical Features
    • Free height +/- 2,60 m
    • Raised floors with floor boxes
    • Carpet
    • Possibility to take over the existing fit-out
  • Climate Control
    • Cooled ceilings (new cold production)
    • Heating through radiators
    • Ventilation: supply via floor; return via ceiling
    • Modulation of 1,25 m
    • Double glazing
    • Opening window frames
    • External blinds
  • IT and Security
    • Intrusion and fire detection system
    • Sprinkler system in underground car park
    • Emergency generator
    • Access control
    • Safe
    • Fibre present
    • No-break installation
  • Parking ratio
    • Apollo: 1 bay per 31 m² of office space
    • Artemis: 1 bay per 33 m² of office space

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The Location and Access

Ikaros 2.0 is located in the eastern part of Luxembourg City called Luxembourg-Kalchesbréck. It is near the A1 motorway linking Luxembourg to Germany. Luxembourg-Kalchesbréck lies between the Kirchberg and the Airport District.

  • 4km to Findel Airport (7 minutes)
  • 4.8km to the city centre (7 minutes)
  • 1.5km to the motorway (2 minutes)
  • Various bus lines to the Central Station (6 minutes), the Kirchberg, the Airport, P+R Bouillon and Germany (Trier).


Further Information

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