Asset Management

This modern grey residential building against a blue-grey sky might fall into an asset management portfolio

Asset Management

RealCorp specialises in identifying and delivering inherent capital growth and returns from property assets. Our dynamic combination of technical competency, business acumen and micro-market knowledge ensures intelligent and deliverable asset management plans from investment to exit.

Finding and creating asset options, deal structures and financial structuring that optimise financial performance is our specialism. Our strong leasing, commercial and technical analysis skills provide the ideal platform for enhancing asset value through on-the-ground, pro-active management.

We use our experience in acquisitions, development, valuation, asset management and leasing to create optimal, practical business plans, ensuring that clients’ return expectations are met or exceeded. Our bespoke solutions align our interests with client objectives throughout the hold term. Our fees align with the risk/reward profile of the project or asset. We provide:

  • Acquisitions, valuation and due diligence
  • Financial and Asset Options analysis
  • Redevelopment and Refurbishment studies
  • Strategic asset planning and market assessments
  • Private sector funding
  • Debt funding and refinancing
  • Lease negotiations and restructuring
  • Documentation and technical compliance management
  • Investment Committee reporting
  • Disposals, break-ups, and exit options analysis

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