Landlord Representation

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Landlord or Agency Representation

To ensure maximum occupancy levels for client properties and prompt replacement of tenants for vacated space, RealCorp provides landlord or agency leasing, using local market insight and established relationships.

We can access comprehensive resources to ascertain the actions necessary to maximize client value. This may involve direct canvassing or strategically positioning a property to take advantage of changing market conditions. We provide our specialists with information and analysis on market conditions crucial to evaluating offers. We aim to attract and retain quality tenants to protect owners’ income and to maximize long-term performance and investment value.

As a leasing agent, RealCorp acts proactively to increase property value over the ownership term. We examine every option, to ensure that actions minimize risk and maximize return for the owner. If selling the property is the best option, RealCorp can develop an appropriate exit strategy as well as providing accurate valuation data and selling expertise.

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