Project Management

Yellow building and girders reflected in blue glass window panes represent the criss-cross grid of factors that experienced project management services consider

Project Management

RealCorp Luxembourg offers end-to-end project management services (design—tender—construction—delivery), enabling companies to maximise return on investment by reducing costs while providing top-notch, regulation-compliant facilities.

We analyse requirements, advise on feasibility, chair meetings with architects, engineers, administrators and contractors, prepare schedules and cost estimates with alternatives, analyse specification and tender documents, prepare bills of quantities, organise the tender process, interview contractors and advise on selection, help prepare construction contracts, and create financial programmes.

During construction, we ensure projects are delivered on time and meet quality and budget criteria. We organise, schedule and follow up other consultants’ and the general contractor’s activities, arrange site meetings, value work in progress, monitor cash flow, produce monthly financial reports, check invoices, analyse costs and advise on options, arrange and attend provisional acceptance of the works, settle the final account and hand over the as-built documentation.

We apply similar project management efficiency to refurbishment and fitting-out of of existing buildings.

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