Tenant Representation

View of workmen inside a large under-construction building in white concrete symbolising the preparation for a new tenant or occupier

Tenant or Occupier Representation

Real estate is important in a company’s plan, but the expense is usually one of its greatest fixed operating costs. And the skill to assess its requirements and benefits is usually not a core competency. Innovative technology, such as low-energy concepts, green building design, and hot-desking, increase assessement complexity. RealCorp specialists provide tenant or occupier representation with expert insight into real estate’s effects on personnel, technology and operational issues.

When acting as tenant advocates, RealCorp specialists analyze quantitative and qualitative factors affecting your business. We compare, organize and simplify the business implications of various locations, taking into account whether owned, leased or built-to-suit, to enable you to make informed decisions.

In addition to finding the most suitable locations for clients, we use our knowledge of current market conditions, excellent negotiation skills and wealth of experience to optimize your deal. You can trust us to do our utmost to obtain the best suitable location at the most attractive price.

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