Sustainability leads at DGNB Consense 2014

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Christophe Daudigny is all revved up! He is a certified DGNB Consultant, so of course he’s convinced about the energy and cost savings that sustainable buildings can achieve. But since he represented RealCorp at the Consense 2014 conference (1-2 July) … Continue reading

DGNB: The Highest Green Standard in Luxembourg

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German tech is famous for its high quality standards. Germany first granted certificates for sustainable buildings in January 2009. Standards for these certificates were first developed by the DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. or German Sustainable Building Council) … Continue reading

Green Certification: Do You Need It?

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Green building (also “green construction” or “sustainable building”) expands and complements classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. It aims for environmentally responsible and resource-efficient structures and processes throughout a building’s life-cycle: from siting to design, construction, … Continue reading

Tenants and Investors Demand Green Certification

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Tehdi-Edouard Babigeon, RealCorp’s Head of Letting and Sales, recently answered some questions on the increasing demand for green certification witnessed by his Agency team. How often is the presence of a green certificate a factor in the perception of value … Continue reading

L’immobilier commercial se met au vert

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Aujourd’hui plus qu’hier, nous prenons tous conscience de notre impact sur l’environnement. Face à ce constat, de nombreuses entreprises ont adapté leur manière de penser, de travailler, de produire et de commercialiser. Cette démarche s’amorce déjà par la réflexion écologique … Continue reading