Solvency II

Core investments will continue to find backing

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INDUSTRY INTERVIEW: Keith Burman, Senior Vice President, Global Alternatives Product Manager, Brown Brothers Harriman, Luxembourg, is one of the senior figures I like to consult on real estate matters. Keith attended the recent Global Real Estate Institute Europe Summit 2011 … Continue reading

Perspectives on the Investment Market in 2011

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What conditions are needed to stimulate the investment market to rise? With a better economic climate than at the beginning of last year, a return to confidence and lowering of risk aversion for many real estate players allows some optimism … Continue reading

Where do you get Luxembourg funds and real estate investment information?

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I use several sources and the Resources page on this site includes links to some of them. In this and subsequent posts, I’ll mention those that matter most to fund managers and to commercial property investors, developers and occupants. They … Continue reading

Where to with Basel III and Solvency II?

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In the last quarter of 2010, with awareness that implementation was nigh, there was a flurry of speculative articles about the effect on the commercial property market of the much-debated regulatory instruments, Basel III (aimed at banks) and Solvency II … Continue reading